Testing Procedures

Testing consists, in most cases, of a comprehensive battery of psychological tests (including written and verbal tests of judgment), followed by an intensive personal interview. Testing relates to the main areas of concern to administrators: intelligence, motivation, team compatibility, psychological endurance, judgment, stress tolerance, self-control, and emotional stability.

Fitness for duty assessments involve similar in-depth evaluation and also focus on the specific issues related to a problematic officer’s referral, such as complaints of excessive force, insubordination, problems relating to supervisors, colleagues, or citizens on the street, alcohol or substance abuse, domestic violence, or any other liability concern.

In addition to the testing process described above, candidates for promotion or special teams (SWAT/Sniper, K-9, Hostage Negotiation) are assessed for the particular skills necessary for their respective roles, including supervisory potential, leadership and attitude towards directing and disciplining others, or the ability to closely follow established use of force protocol.

The testing processes described above take an average of three hours to complete, with some individual variation. Candidates are scheduled by calling (301) 593-9191 and arranging an appointment, typically within 10 days. Verbal reports can be made the same day, per request; written reports are typically submitted within seven business days or less. Dr. Leeb is always available for follow-up consultation with chiefs, administrators, medical officers, and background personnel regarding any issue of concern.